Prepaid Maintenance


Why Prepaid Maintenance?

You chose a Volkswagen because you wanted a well-oiled machine and German luxury. You found a vehicle that can take you everywhere – from the grocery store to an adventure across North America. We want to make sure that you can spend your money on the fun things instead of your vehicle’s maintenance.


Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Regular maintenance will keep your Volkswagen running smoothly for years to come. By bringing your VW to our expert technicians at regular intervals, we can also catch items that may be wearing out before they need to be replaced.

Genuine Parts

Genuine Parts & Fluids

You bought a VW for a reason. When it comes time to maintain your vehicle, you want genuine parts and fluids. Our prepaid maintenance plans ensure you’re not only maintaining your vehicle to manufacturer standards, but that your vehicle is being serviced by experts.

Money in your pocket

More Money In Your Pocket

Did you know that with a prepaid maintenance plan you can save up to 26%?! A prepaid maintenance plan locks in your prices so that you’re protected in any increases in the price of Maintenance over time. Plans start as low as $6 a month for EVs and $9 for conventional vehicles.


You Have Options

You are just as unique as your Volkswagen, which means you need a maintenance plan to fit your driving and your lifestyle. That is why we have options.


Our conventional plans come in 2, 3, 4, and 5 year intervals. Because our vehicles only need to be serviced once per year, or every 15,000 kilometres, our plans include one maintenance appointment per year. We don’t think your driving habits need to change when you own an EV, which is why our Electric Vehicle plans are built for the same driving habits of 15,000 Kilometres per year.


A prepaid Maintenance Plan will cover all required service items recommended by Volkswagen. You can see the recommended services in your owners manual or download the PDF maintenance schedule for a gas model here and the maintenance schedule for the ID.4 here


2 Year Plan | 2 Maintenance Appointments | 30,000 Kms

Service 1 (year 1, 15,000 KMs): Minor Maintenance includes

  • Engine Oil & Filter Change
  • Brake Pad & Brake Disk Condition Check
  • Service Interval Display Reset
  • Tire Rotation

Service 2: (year 2, 30,000 KMs): Everything from Service 1 PLUS

  • Battery Condition Check
  • Brake, Cooling System & Windshield Washer Fluid Check
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Condition, & Pressure Check
  • Wiper Blade Check
  • Comprehensive Visual Check

3 Year Plan | 3 Maintenance Appointments | 45,000 Kms

Get everything from the 2-year plan, with an ADDITIONAL year of service and an extra minor Maintenance.

4 Year Plan | 4 Maintenance Appointments | 60,000 Kms

Building on the 3 year maintenance, you get everything from the 2 & 3 year plans PLUS an extra year of service which includes an extended maintenance. This service includes

  • Coil Springs & Shock Absorbers Check
  • Panoramic Sunroof Tilt/Sliding Check
  • Non-Panoramic Sunroof Check & Lubricate
  • Extended Comprehensive Visual Check

5 Year Plan | 4 Maintenance Appointments | 75,000 Kms

Everything from the 2, 3, 4, and 5 year plans is included PLUS an extra year of service and an extra Minor Maintenance.

EV Plans That Have You Covered

If you choose one of our Electric Vehicles, we have you covered. Because an EV doesn’t have a combustion engine, the servicing intervals are the same but the specific services change.

2 Year Plan | 2 Maintenance Appointments | 30,000 Kms

In addition to normal servicing, we will perform the a comprehensive check of your EV including everything from the battery condition to the suspension and steering, brake fluid and even tire wear.

3 Year Plan | 3 Maintenance Appointments | 45,000 Kms

Get one more year of service and a couple of additional maintenance including

  • Dust & Pollen Filter Replacement
  • Brake Fluid Change

4 Year Plan | 4 Maintenance Appointments | 60,000 Kms

An upgrade on the 2 and 3 year plans, you get an additional year of service and additional maintenance.

5 Year Plan | 5 Maintenance Appointments | 75,000 Kms

We have your service and maintenance covered for 5 years. You get five years of maintenance and services covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I purchase Prepaid Maintenance after I purchase my vehicle?
    • Yes! You must purchase a plan within a year of the purchase of your Volkswagen.
  • Is Prepaid Maintenance Transferable?
    • Absolutely! It is fully transferable.
  • What If I drive less than the plan’s yearly Kilometres?
    • That’s okay! Talk to us about your driving habits and we can recommend a plan and service interval that will keep you covered based on your driving habits.
  • What if I drive more than the plan’s yearly Kilometres?
    • We recommend you upgrade a plan. Each plan has the caveat “whichever comes first” so if you will hit the kilometres before the year is over, getting one more year of coverage will continue to provide you that peace of mind.
  • I want to get a Prepaid Maintenance plan, where do I go?
    • You can visit us in-store, and a member of our team would be happy to get you signed up. Or, give us a call at 250-751-1221
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